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Guitars I tried out at Guitar Center

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Oct. 15th, 2005 | 12:50 pm
posted by: ivegot_itnow in i_play_ithollow

prescript- sorry for being a bad maintainer and letting this community go the way of death

After picking up a guitar of the electric variety ('72 Telecaster Deluxe pics are in my lj if you'd like to see) I went into the acoustic room and had some fun.

Noteworthy acoustics: 1927 Gibson- the easiest guitar to play I've ever picked up-$2500

Martin DX12 (the 12 string I was going to buy once but the money went towards the new electric)- amazing I loved it... hopefully I can save up the $550 and buy it sometime

Double headed Ovation Celebrity- This was really fun, a 12 string neck and a 6 string neck. I was playing Journey on it, and though it was hard to reach around the first 12 string neck it was a cool guitar, but I'd never buy it. $850

Fender Stratocoustic- I hadn't played this in a long while and wanted to try it out again. I loved it the electric neck makes playing TOO easy.. it'd be a nice travel guitar.

Whenever I go to any guitar store I look in the acoustic room even though I never have the money to buy something. I love trying out new guitars, and vintage used ones. You just have to make sure there are no sales reps around when you pickup the $6000 acoustics.

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