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May. 6th, 2006 | 04:20 pm
On the Turntable:: Elixir strings boiling in water
posted by: ivegot_itnow in i_play_ithollow

I recieved my set of Medium 13-56 Cleartones from Musicians Friend today and promptly fitted them to my Martin.

First impressions may be decieving, especially because I hadn't change my strings in over six months, but I must say the strings have the most amazing tone I've ever heard straight out of the box. From the first A of Hells Bells the sound was stunning. I was a big fan of Elixirs, they were the only brand I'd put on my Martin. However, I must say these strings are superior in tone and feel to Elixirs. If they ever go down in price I'd probably put Cleartones on all of my guitars.

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