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Jun. 27th, 2006 | 11:45 am
posted by: randomeep in i_play_ithollow

     Richard Hannemann, singer/songwriter, guitarist/composer, is pleased to announce the availability of his debut album, "The Musician", on his website www.HannemannMusic.com

     There are several elements to the unique listening experience of the album. It is not of a single genre throughout: there are 8 song tracks of a folk/country/standards blend and 4 solo guitar tracks of a classical/light jazz/blues nature. Mr. Hannemann's principle instrument is the classical guitar, which gives a warmer, richer tone than the more standard steel string guitar. His finger-style technique, itself a classical/folk blend, allows for straight-up to intricate accompaniments which create an internal rhythm for the songs and allows for solo instrumental bridges within the songs. The lyric songs add a 12 string guitar for foundation, and mandolin, melodica, and bass (as needed) as color polyphony to the vocal line. Mr. Hannemann plays all instruments. Then there are the narrative segues placed between the principle song tracks. Each narrative is accompanied by either the classical guitar, the 12 string, or the mandolin and, combined, we hear the story of a semi - retired musician advising a youngster just starting out on a life in music.

     Many guitarists in the internet community may remember Mr. Hannemann from the old AOL GTRSIG as amadeus555, where he authored a series of guitar lessons. Those Lessons are also available in book form.

     To audition and/or order The Musician, please visit Mr. Hannemann's site, www.HannemannMusic.com .

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